A word from the band founder

The [social media] page wasn’t compromised. I changed it for a few reasons. First, when Pat and I met with you (Todd) and Tom in July, we said we wanted to take a hiatus from gigging. Pat’s school schedule and the constant pain in my hands were not making it fun anymore. Pat and I agreed we’d like to continue on but slow down the gigging at least until Pat’s new semester started. We were open to playing any private gigs in the future (from July 2023 going forward) as well as open to playing the two Stumble Inn gigs this month and next. You and Tom said you understood and appreciated looking out for Pat’s schoolwork & my physical pain. We played two more gigs together as the four of us, TDH.

A couple months passed and to Pat and my surprise, we saw a post on Tapedeck Heroez’s (TDH’s) Instagram & Facebook saying that Pat & I had _retired_ from the band. We said nothing, although we clearly had NOT retired. Not long after that, there was another post on TDH’s social media about an upcoming gig. I texted in our band group text that we should talk about future social media posts. Todd gave a long reply and ended with “I am done talking about this. We have an obligation to these venues. I am NOT happy I have even have to Address it. Childish”

Umm, okay, I just wanted to talk about social media posts. Fast forward to last night and I see Tom’s post regarding new band members. “That’s great!” I thought. Someone in his post asked about a band name and Tom replied they were keeping Tapedeck Heroez. Since I started all of the social media accounts and created and maintained the website, I figured I’d set the record straight now. For the sake of your new band mates, just find a new name. Don’t get them all mixed up in this BS.

-Terry, bass player, founding member, Tapedeck Heroez
from the TDH Facebook Page 11/6/23